Protein in Snacks

The favorite choice for the term "Snacks" is 1 medium Cookie which has about 0.5 grams of protein. The amount of protein for a variety of types and serving sizes of Snacks is shown below.

Popular Types of Snacks

Sweet Snacks (1 snack serving)
Apple 0.36
Chocolate Creme Filled Snack Cake 1.70
Chocolate Chip Crisped Rice Bar 1.43
Cookie 0.54
Doughnut 2.62
Hard Granola Bar 2.52
Leather Fruit Bar 0.41
Licorice -
Milk Chocolate Candy Bar 3.37
Soft Raisin Granola Bar 3.27
Taffy 0.09
Savory or Salty Snacks (1 oz serving)
Air Popped Popcorn 3.67
Banana Chips 0.65
Beef Jerky 9.41
Brown Rice Cakes 2.32
Cheese Flavor Popcorn 2.64
Cheese Puffs 1.63
Corn Chips 1.71
Crackers 2.10
Hard Pretzels 2.93
Mixed Nuts 4.68
Peanuts 7.95
Salted Potato Chips 1.86
Tortilla Chips 2.21
Trail Mix 3.91

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