Protein in Toppings

The favorite choice for the term "Toppings" is 1/8 cup of Frozen Whipped Topping (Pressurized Can) which has about 0.09 grams of protein. The amount of protein for a variety of types and serving sizes of Toppings is shown below.

Popular Types of Toppings

Whipped Topping (2 tbsp serving)
Pressurized Frozen Whipped Topping 0.09
Frozen Whipped Topping 0.12
Low Fat Frozen Whipped Topping 0.28
Sweet Topping (1 tbsp serving)
Butterscotch or Caramel Topping 0.31
Nut Topping 0.90
Marshmallow Topping 0.05
Hard Coating Chocolate Topping 0.90
Fudge Type Thick Chocolate Topping 0.97
Fudge Type Thick Peanut Butter Topping 1.48
Fruit Topping (1 tbsp serving)
Fruit Topping 0.04
Unsweetened Fruit Topping 0.08
Strawberry Topping 0.04
Pineapple Topping 0.02

Pizza Toppings

Cheese Pizza 3.49
Meat Pizza 5.16
Vegetable Pizza 2.98
Meat and Vegetable Pizza 4.11

Other Common Suggestions

Pressurized Dessert Topping 0.04
Dietetic Topping 0.29
White Icing 0.05
Chocolate Icing 0.19

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