Cholesterol in Sushi
The favorite choice for the term "Sushi" is 1 piece of Sushi which has about 1 mg of cholesterol. The amount of cholesterol for a variety of types and serving sizes of Sushi is shown below.
Popular Types of Sushi
Regular Sushi 1
California Roll 4
Philadelphia Roll 4
Sushi with Egg 36
Sushi with Vegetables -
Sushi with Vegetables and Seafood 2
Sushi with Vegetables Rolled in Seaweed -
Popular Maki Rolls
Salmon Maki 2
Cucumber Maki -
Tuna Maki 2
Avocado Maki -
Popular Types of Sashimi
Salmon Sashimi 13
Tuna Sashimi 13
Yellowtail Sashimi 16
Other Types of Sushi
Sushi Pieces (1 piece serving)
Salmon 2
Tuna 2
Tilapia 5
Sea Eel 31
Smoked Salmon 8
Octopus 14
Sushi Rolls (1 roll serving)
California Roll -
Rainbow Roll 58
Tempura Roll 105
Tofu Roll -
Dragon Roll 90
Spicy Tuna Roll -
Spicy Salmon Roll 46
Spicy Shrimp Roll 113

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