Protein in Peaches

The favorite choice for the term "Peaches" is 1 cup of slices of Peaches which has about 1.6 grams of protein. The amount of protein for a variety of types and serving sizes of Peaches is shown below.

Popular Types of Peaches

Fresh Peaches
1 small 0.72
1 medium 0.89
1 large 1.43
1/2 cup slices 0.77
1 cup slices 1.55
1 oz 0.26
Canned Peaches with Liquids (1 cup serving)
Peaches in Water Pack 1.07
Peaches in Juice Pack 1.58
Peaches in Extra Light Syrup 0.99
Peaches in Light Syrup Pack 1.13
Peaches in Heavy Syrup Pack 1.18
Peaches in Extra Heavy Syrup Pack 1.23

Other Common Suggestions

Dried Peaches 5.78
Stewed Peaches 4.86
Peach Nectar 0.67
Frozen Sliced Peaches Sweetened 1.58
Spiced Peaches in Heavy Syrup Pack 0.99
Peach Crisp 4.06
Peach Cobbler 5.19

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