Cholesterol in Lobster

The favorite choice for the term "Lobster" is 3 ounces, without shell of cooked Lobster which has about 60 mg of cholesterol. The amount of cholesterol for a variety of types and serving sizes of Lobster is shown below.

Popular Serving Sizes of Lobster

1 small lobster 84
1 medium lobster 209
1 large lobster 335
3 oz cooked Lobster 60
1 cup cooked Lobster 103

Other Popular Types of Lobster

1 small Baked or Broiled Lobster 90
1 small Steamed Lobster 84
1 Spiny Lobster 146
3 oz Canned Lobster 60

Popular Types of Crayfish or Crawfish

Raw Crayfish or Crawfish 91
Farmed Crayfish 116
Wild Crayfish or Crawfish 97
Boiled or Steamed Crayfish or Crawfish 111
Fried Floured or Breaded Crayfish or Crawfish 128
Cooked Wild Crayfish or Crawfish 113

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