Brown Rice and Bell Pepper Salad
Brown rice and a variety of bell peppers come together with a creamy sauce to make a perfect summer dish to take on a picnic.
Servings: 12
Prep Time: 30 mins
Cook Time: 10 mins
Average Rating: Average FatSecret member ranking
  1. Rinse black beans and drain. Set aside.
  2. Prepare bell peppers by chopping off the tops and bottoms and removing the seeds. Finely dice the peppers and place in a large bowl (use caution when chopping the jalapeno, as the juices can be on hot).
  3. Add onions, tomato, rice and beans.
  4. In a small bowl combine mayonnaise, spicy brown mustard, chili powder and salt and pepper.
  5. Pour dressing over the rice and pepper mixture. Combine well so all the vegetables and rice are evenly coated.
  6. Add cilantro and stir mixture gently.
  7. Refrigerate for a few hours or overnight for best flavor.
  8. Note: Add a cherry bomb pepper for a spicier flavor.
Nutrition summary
There are 163 calories in 1 serving of Brown Rice and Bell Pepper Salad.
Calorie split: 30% fat, 60% carbs, 9% protein.
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