Sodium in Chips

The favorite choice for the term "Chips" is 1 ounce of Potato Chips (Salted) which has about 150 mg of sodium. The amount of sodium for a variety of types and serving sizes of Chips is shown below.

Popular Types of Chips

Potato Chips (1 oz or 1 bag serving)
Potato Chips 149
Unsalted Potato Chips 2
Reduced Fat Potato Chips 139
Light Potato Chips 121
Fat Free Potato Chips 185
Barbecue Flavor Potato Chips 213
Sour Cream and Onion Flavor Potato Chips 177
Tortilla Chips (1 oz or 1 bag serving)
White Corn Tortilla Chips 119
Low Fat Baked Tortilla Chips 119
Taco Flavor Tortilla Chips 223
Nacho Flavor Tortilla Chips 174
Reduced Fat Nacho Flavor Tortilla Chips 284
Corn Chips (1 oz or 1 bag serving)
Plain Corn Chips 175
Unsalted Corn Chips 4
Barbecue Flavor Corn Chips 216
Onion Flavor Corn Chips 278

Other Common Suggestions

1 single serving bag Tortilla Corn Chips 118
1 single serving bag Unsalted Cheese Corn Chips 4
1 single serving bag Fat Free Tortilla Corn Chips 166
1 cup Lowfat Tortilla Corn Chips 134
1 medium order French Fries 259

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