Stuffed Mushrooms
These delicious mushrooms are sure to become an appetizer favorite.
Servings: 3
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 30 mins
Average Rating: Average FatSecret member ranking
  1. Clean the mushrooms. Remove the stems and set aside.
  2. Spread the olive oil in a small glass baking pan. Place the mushroom caps evenly in the pan, rolling them in the olive oil so they are lightly coated, bottom side up. Sprinkle lightly with salt.
  3. Chop the stems really fine and place them in a bowl. Chop the onion and garlic, add to stems.
  4. Add the egg and spices, mix together. Add enough parmesan cheese so that the mushroom stem mixture isn't too runny. Add more if desired.
  5. Fill the caps with the mushroom/cheese mixture and bake on 350 °F (175 °C) for 15-20 minutes.
  6. Let cool 10 minutes before serving.
Nutrition summary
There are 207 calories in 1 serving of Stuffed Mushrooms.
Calorie split: 66% fat, 11% carbs, 22% protein.
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