Protein in Turnover

The favorite choice for the term "Turnover" is 1 Apple Turnover or Dumpling which has about 3 grams of protein. The amount of protein for a variety of types and serving sizes of Turnover is shown below.

Popular Types of Turnovers

Sweet Turnovers (1 turnover serving)
Apple Turnover 2.98
Berry Turnover 2.97
Cherry Turnover 2.55
Guava Turnover 3.10
Lemon Turnover 2.71
Peach Turnover 3.00
Pumpkin Turnover 4.34
Savory Turnovers (1 turnover serving)
Meat Turnover 11.33
Meat and Bean Turnover 10.98
Meat and Cheese Turnover 11.00
Meat and Vegetable Turnover 9.41
Meat, Potato and Vegetable Turnover 8.78
Meat Turnover with Gravy 14.26

Other Common Suggestions

Chicken Turnover with Gravy 10.82
Low Fat Chicken or Turkey and Vegetable Turnover 9.97
Low Fat Meat and Cheese Turnover 13.31
Meat and Cheese Turnover in Tomato-Based Sauce 8.31
Low Fat Meat and Cheese Turnover in Tomato-Based Sauce 14.12

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