Sodium in Spreads
The favorite choice for the term "Spreads" is 1 tablespoon of Ham Salad Spread which has about 140 mg of sodium. The amount of salt (sodium) for a variety of types and serving sizes of Spreads is shown below.
Popular Types of Spreads
Cheese Spread 205
Chicken Salad Spread 49
Corned Beef Spread 141
Ham and Cheese Spread 180
Ham Salad Spread 137
Meat Spread 181
Pickle Sandwich Spread 153
Pork & Beef Spread 152
Roast Beef Spread 152
Swiss Cheese Spread 205
Other Types of Spreads
Butter 2
Chocolate Flavor Hazelnut Spread 8
Cream Cheese 43
Jam Preserves 8
Light Cream Cheese 44
Margarine 112
Mayonnaise 105
Peanut Butter 73
Pickle Relish 122

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