Cholesterol in Smoothies

The favorite choice for the term "Smoothies" is 1 cup of Fruit Smoothie (made with Fruit or Fruit Juice only) which has no cholesterol. The amount of cholesterol for a variety of types and serving sizes of Smoothies is shown below.

Popular Types of Smoothies

Smoothie with Fruit or Fruit Juice
1 cup -
1 retail store smoothie (20 fl oz) -
Smoothie with Fruit Juice and Low Fat Dairy
1 cup 10
1 retail store smoothie (20 fl oz) 25

Popular Smoothie Stores

Smoothie King (20 fl oz serving)
Strawberry Kiwi Breeze Smoothie 6
Pineapple Pleasure Smoothie -
Passion Passport Smoothie -
Slim-N-Trim Vanilla Smoothie 11
Slim-N-Trim Chocolate Smoothie 39
Skinny Angel Food Smoothie 1
Skinny Banana Berry Treat Smoothie 6
Orange Julius (20 fl oz serving)
Berry Lemon Lively Premium Fruit Smoothie 5
Blackberry Toner Premium Fruit Smoothie 5
Cocoa Latte Swirl Premium Fruit Smoothie 20
Pomegranate & Berries Premium Fruit Smoothie 5
Strawberry Sensation Premium Fruit Smoothie 5
Wild Blue Twist Premium Fruit Smoothie 5

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