Cholesterol in Salami

The favorite choice for the term "Salami" is 1 slice of Pork Salami (Dry or Hard) which has about 8 mg of cholesterol. The amount of cholesterol for a variety of types and serving sizes of Salami is shown below.

Popular Types of Salami

Beef Salami 16
Beef and Pork Salami 15
Cotto Salami 15
Pork Salami 8
Soft Salami 18
Turkey Salami 22

Other Common Suggestions

1 oz Italian Pork Salami 22
3 slices Dry or Hard Beef Pork Salami 27
5 slices Dry Pork and Beef Italian Salami with 50% Less Sodium 25
1 Salami Sandwich with Spread 19

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